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Raytek Distributor

Missouri, Kansas, and Southern Illinois

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Raytek Distributor - Missouri, Kansas, and Southern Illinois


Industry Applications
Metal Processing
Monitor temperatures in all steps of metallurgical process with infrared thermometers. Building & Construction Materials
Verify temperatures in cement, construction materials, and architectural glass manufacturing.
Glass Processing
Monitor temperatures in Melt Furnace, Flat Glass, Bottles and Containers, and Glass Fiber production. Packaging, Paper & Converting
IR sensors in automation applications including packaging, printing and converting.
Plastic Processing
Measure temperatures of extrusion, thermoforming and coating to ensure top product quality. Solar Industry
Monitor temperature at every step of your process to improve productivity and product quality.
Other Applications
Use IR sensors in fire detection,
tobacco drying, food, automotive, electrical, plant and facilities
monitoring applications.

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 MP150 Rental,













 Expedite Fee,

 MP50 repair,

 mp50 repair with calibration,