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Omron STI

Omron STI Distributor

Missouri, Kansas, and Southern Illinois

Omron STI Website

Omron STI Distributor - Missouri, Kansas, and Southern Illinois


Safety Scanners and Interlocks.

Making Safety Simple - Omron STI's Concept for the Future

Today, forward thinking manufacturers clearly realize the new role of increased safety on the factory floor.

Recently adopted international safety standards have shifted the way systems are evaluated
Safety is a corporate responsibility, not an obstruction to productivity
Safety is essential to increased productivity and profitability

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Omron STI Products

Omron STI does not have any products featured at this time.

Sample Omron STI Part Numbers:




























 G9S-301 DC24,






























 NE1A-SCPU01-V1 VER2.0,

 NE1A-SCPU02 VER2.0,

 G9SX-BC202-RT DC24,

 G9SX-NSA222-T03-RT DC24,









 P7S-14F-END DC24,



















 UMPMC 60477,

 Skill Builder Machine Safety Seminar,




 G7SA-4A2B DC24,